Our 25 years High Precision Round Tool Experience. You’re Advantage.

Essen started in 1987 as a distribution arm of cutting tools as Essen Tools for international premium brands from Western Europe and Japan.

Essen Carbide Started in 2012, as innovator of solid carbide cutting tools manufacturer in Bangalore, Essen Carbide supplies a comprehensive range of high precision special tools for milling and drilling as well as specialised tools for specific applications. More specifically, Essen Carbide also customizes tools based on customer’s specifications.

Founded by Mr. M N Murthy, Essen Carbide today host a dedicated expert team. To provide value-added cutting tools, technical support with the best possible metal cutting solutions.

Today Essen Carbide prides itself as an innovator in the high precision solid carbide cutting tools. All with in-house R&D facilities committed to perfecting the art of precision tool innovation.